The sweeter side of Übach-Palenberg

Nowhere else has nature combined such an abundance of raw materials in such a small space as it has in the cocoa bean. In order to sustainably protect this precious raw material while still guaranteeing full enjoyment, we use cocoa from UTZ and Rainforest AllianceTM-certified farmland. By combining passion and top quality at our headquarters in Übach-Palenberg, we produce a genuine treat – our chocolate. The excellent infrastructure, central location in Europe, and qualified staff in the region were the reason why we chose Übach-Palenberg as the site for one of the most modern production plants ever built. From here, we supply our chocolate blocks to the outlets of our trading partner Lidl right across Europe. The recipe fortop enjoyment: The know-how, passion and quality awareness of our staff, who enable us to be successful.

Solent GmbH & Co. KG?
David-Hansemann-Straße 1-25
52531 Übach-Palenberg
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