Discovered by a flash of brilliance–controlled as if by magic

When we’re asked what we actually do, we’re quick to respond: “We breathe life into machinery”.Because our control technology brings many areas to life, invisibly – as if by magic. Our references in the field of automation technology cover the full spectrum, from A to Z. Individual. Efficient.Reliable. That’s our motto, which our mechanical engineering experts translate into our control engineering division. But that’s not enough for our team. We work together to look for innovations, break new ground, and approach flashes of brilliance in a strategic manner – a philosophy which saw us win the 2010 Aachen Region Innovation Prize. Thinking outside the box is a great habit for all of us, and one which is typical of the Heinsberg county.

Elteba Elektrotechnik-Elektrobau GmbH & Co. KG
Gladbacher Strasse 22
52525 Heinsberg
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