Infrastructure for the land of poets and leaders

When Wilfried Dohmen is asked what describes his company’s philosophy in a nutshell, he refers to a Goethe quote: “It’s not enough to know; you also have to apply. It’s not enough to want, you also have to do.” The success of the WILLY- DOHMENGROUPis proof that the right thing is being done here. It presents itself as a specialist in developing commercial, industrial and residential areas and national roadworks right across the state of NRW. The fact that, given today’s complex technological requirements, this involves frequently applied expertise is apparent from the material to the engineering. Here, the group offers a wide range of solutions, from raw material conveyance and refining, to transport services and further processing, to intricate construction know-how and sales under one roof. In addition to the raw material sources in the county of Heinsberg, the family business can particularly build on one key foundation: the close ties among staff which have grown over generations, and their ever developing knowledge. And that’s a foundation on which challenging projects can be carried out to customer satisfaction even in future.

Dohmen Gruppe
Hasenbuschstraße 46
52531 Übach-Palenberg
Telefon: 02451_9850-0
Fax: 02451_9850-45